CRM Berberis for Windows 10


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Berberis system is conceptually a modern ERP system that supports all operations in the area related to the wider customer service. The concept of modern, multi-dimensional perspective of the information collected allows the user to quickly make the appropriate sections already at the operational level. The developed system, in addition to contacts module (CRM) has many other functionalities that - depending on the needs of the company - at any time, you can expand it. The system supports such - Registration of contractors, event logging, grouping the events in the case and the issues in the projects, archiving and workflow, planning and execution of marketing activities (including by e-mail), billing, service at many stores, credit control and debt, maintenance full accounting, maintenance service and manufacturing processes, analyzes, generate reports, conduct a full accounting and much more. The system works with fiscal printers, modern telephone exchanges, Skype, and also includes a built-in mail client e-mail. Berberis also works well on a few, as well as on several positions, working with various database servers (Oracle or PostgreSQL). The demo version provides all the functionality of the System Berberis. Demo license is unlimited in time, is limited and the number of input records (events, issues invoices, goods and services).